Sri Ramanin Padhayil - Episode 14 - July 21 2013


Perumal and HIS Avataram's

Slogam from Bhagavad gita.
"paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam 
dharma-samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge"
Meaning : In order to deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, as well as to reestablish the principles of religion, I advent Myself millennium after millennium.
The above slogam talks about the reason behind the various avatar's of perumal. To guard the sadhu's, to kill the evil and to restore dharmam peruman takes many avataram. 

Note : Azhwar pasuram Periya Thirumozhi 8.8.10

"Meenodu Aamai kezhal ari, kuralaai, muunum iraamanaai, thaanaai,
pinnum iraamanaai dhaamodharanaai karkiyum aanaan "
 Meenodu - (Mathsya), Aamai - (Koorma), Kezhal - (Varaaham), Ari -(Narasimham), Kuralaai (Vaamanam), Munnum Iraamanaai (Parasu Raman),Thaanaai (Rama), Pinnum Iramanaai (Bala Raman), Dhaamodharanaai(Krishnan), Karkiyum Aanaan (Kalki).

Key Takeaway
1. Bhagawan takes avataram to guard the sadhu's, to kill the evil and to restore dharmam peruman takes many avataram
2. MaHALAKSHMI plays a greater role in calming down Perumal when he is angry with the Jeevatma's because of the mistake. SHE mediates and makes HIM  shower the blessings to the jeevatma's.
3. Whenever we visit temples, we first need to go and visit Thayar sannadhi and then perumal sannadhi. 

Piratti with Perumal in all HIS avataram's

In all the avataram, Lakshmi accompanies Perumal. HE comes down to kill/destroy evil. Why does SHE need to accompany him too ?
Mahalakshmi is the thalaivi of all women and Narayanan is the thalaivan of all men.  They both take these avatar's to lead by example and show men and women on how they need to live. 
Also, when Ram attempts to save the adiyar's, but we the jeevatma has many faults in us. Even if Ram decides to take care of the jeevatma's the papa of the jeevatma becomes a great hinderance.  Peruman gets angry on seeing all the evil acts done by the jeevatma and Piratti comes in between to help the jeevatma. Sita talks on behalf of the Jeevatma's to peruman and helps us in relieving us from our papam and helps the jeevatma's to join the paramatma.  If SHE is not around HE punishes the Jeevatmas. If SHE is around HE showers loads of blessings. 

Hence in all the temple we visit Thayar sannadhi first and then we visit perumal sannadhi. 

Time for Ram to get married

What is the use if Ram is Brahmachari ? Ram need to be along with Sita for our sake.  We the children(jeevatma's) need our mother and her love and affection. MOther's afffection is always better than father's.  Sita is Jagath Matha, Jaga Janani. 

We saw the place Sita Marihi the place where Sita was born.  We are starting from this place and continuing on our journey. But before that when was sita born ?

Sita Jayanthi

We know when was Ram was born. When did Sita was born ? Like Rama Jayanthi do we have Sita Jayanthi ? Though it is not celebrated in South india, but in Sitamarihi and Janakapuri.

Sita Jayanthi/Janaki Jayanthi is celebrated. In north, Janaki Jayanthi is celebrated to celebreate the birth of Sita. 1 month after Ram was born, Vaikasi masam, sukla paksham, Navami thithi, pushya Natchathiram. From now on, we can also start to celebrate Sita Jayanthi. 

Yatra team at Nepal

Now we are going to enter Nepal border. We need identification like voter card to proove identity of indian citizen and no need for visa/passport.  Need to show this indian citizen identification card to the border security force.  This is the arrangemen between Nepal and India. They just note the details and allow indians to enter Nepal region. 
There are three places to enter Nepal.
1. Sonali border which we saw earlier.
2 . Bhittamod is the border. Sitamarhi to Janakapuri is 50 KM. In the middle we have Bhittamod where the border security is done.  After the security check , we entered Nepal. Mentally relieved since there were many doubts on whether there will be problem in crossing the border.  The language is Mythil. Janakapuri was earlier called DheeraBhukthi and later over period it changed and came to be known as Thiruhoot

Mithilanchal Dham

Once we enter the town, they say Mithilanchal Dham, also known as Janakapur Dham.  Beautiful town and when Ram entered all the "Mani Kodigal" welcomed Ram and it looked as if the entire kingdom was welcoming Ram and telling "Come Ram.. Sita is waiting for you..". 
As per KambaRamayanam, Mithilai Katchi Padalam - 1 "Chezhumani..."

Sita Kalyanam timeline

We are at Janakapuri, Janaki Mandir is a beautiful temple and we all were astonished on looking at that temple.  
Golden day. Sita kalyanam. Panguni utthiram is Sita kalyanam. In south it is celebrated as panguni utthiram. In Srirangam, Serthi Utsavam thinking Nam perumal as Ram and Thayar as Sita.  Once in the year, on Panguni Utthiram, this Serthi Utsavam happens.  

In the north, especially in Janakapuri, Viviha Panchami is celebrated Marghazhi, sukla paksham, Panchami thidhi to mark the marriage between sita and Ram.  We can also celebrate both the days. 

Let us all watch Sita Kalyanam, we don't have enough knowledge, bhakthi to wish this couple Ram/Sita but we have loads of affection. Due to the affection towards Ram/Sita let us sing "Pallandu Pallandu" for this Dhampathi.  Marriage comes with lots of fun and chaos too. We also had lots of chaos during our travel. Plan was to start at 9 and reach by 11, so that we can finish the Sita Kalyanam by 3 PM, so that after the kalyana virundhu, we could start at 5 PM inorder to avoid the night travel which had security issues. But we ended up starting at 10 PM in the night.  After Kalyanam thirumangalya dharanam, Sapthapathi, Bajan's and wedding food  we started from there.

Janaki Mandir

Here is Janaki mandir is a wonder to watch. A temple of marble stones.  The current temple has been built some 500 years ago. Earlier another temple was there and it was renovated to the temple which is there today.  A marvel made of marble.  As we enter we can see a big mutram and when we go around the temple lots of small small sannadhi's.  In one of the Sannadhi's 
there is more than 1000 Salagramam and Janakar used to worship these everyday.  Watching those Salagramam is a feast to us, even for people without bhakthi it will induce/cultivate bhakthi.  The poojari has closed all those salagramam with a cloth. He removed the cloth and showed us those salagramam. We were all dumb stuck on seeing those and it was a feast to our eyes.  We recently saw about kandagi and how salagrama is formed and aboout Mukthinath which is also in Nepal. So here in Janakapuri also we can see those salagramam.  We did pradakshinam in the temple. Huge halls were there and we decided to have our wedding feast inside the Janaki mandir. 

Then we went to see Perumal Thayar.   In this sannadhi - Ram, Sita, Dasarathan, Janakar's Srimurthi's are available. After arathi we got theertham  from teh pujari.  The pujari explained the greatness of that place. 

The pujari said "When Ram/lakshman came with Vishwamithrar, Sita saw them from the balcony(uparigai) , annalum nokinar avalum nokinal, "intha uyir antha idathil antha uyir intha udathil , intha kangal antha kangalai kavva, antha kangal intha kangalai kavva, iruvarum orutharukku oruthar kathal vayapattargal, Ram saw Sita everywhere. Antha Kaadal(love) piranthathe yenga oor. All the jeevatma's benefit because of this union between Ram and Sita."

Piratti ku purushakaram nu sollarom - perumanai nammidathil anbhu udayavanaga aakkugiral, kodupavanaga aakugiral, nam pavangalai tholaithu namai munnoki nadaka vaikiral.  Sita is like a bridge between us and perumal.  

Dhanusha Dham & Swamyamvar

We have seen Janaki Mandir.. Before Sita kalyanam is the Swayamvar. Vishwamithrar comes with Ram and lakshman to Janakapuri. Janakar explains about the Bow - shiva's bow which has been kept for the Swayamvar. We need to go to Dhanusha Dham to see the Dhanush. This  place is 20 KM from Janaki mandir. 
Ram was 12 years and Sita was 6 years. Sita is a Gunashalini. Janakar was searching for the groom for his daughter. Janakar had a Bow and he told that the person who breaks the bow can marry sita. This is the bow we all say as "Ramar muritha Vil" . What is the history behind this bow ? We reached Dhanusha Dham. Ram when he broke the bow, it broke into 3 pieces. 
Vil murinthu vizhuntha idam.   In this place called Dhanusha Dham there is a wonderful old tree and the roots of the tree has been growing towards east direction.  This tree's root is linked to the broken bow.  

Pujari in that temple explains more in detail - 

Ram at Sita's Swayamvar

Why did Ram break the bow ? Where did this bow come from ? 
Shiva's name is pinakapani.  Shiva got a bow to do thirupura samharam.  The bow was given to Janakan's ancestor's called devarathan. After 6 vamsam's it was Janakar and all the raja's did pooja for that bow. 

Seerathdhuvajan(Janakan's name) and Sunaina - Sita's Father and Mother were taking care of this bow. Sita was also worshippign this bow. This bow was kept in the swayamvar. Many King's had come to lift the bow and they all didn't succeed. Now Ram has come.  Vishwamithrar asks Janaka to get the bow.  The huge bow was carried by many people and brought to the hall.  All the king's saw the bow.  Vishwamithrar asks Ram to see the bow.  Everyone looks at Ram with anxiousness, including Sita.  Ram is full of Gambhiriyam, Viryam, Sowriyam, paraakramam.  Kambar says "People didn't even want to wink the eyes, they were keeping the eyes wide open since they didn't want to miss what'z going to happen. " Ram came, saw the bow, he thought on how to lift the bow, lifted it by holding it in the center of the bow and the bow broke.  Broke into three parts.  First top part flew to the sky and fell at Dhanush Kodi in Rameswaram.  Dhanush Koti - meaning - Dhanushin oru munai/corner/koti.  Next bottom piece went towards pathalam.  This is available in Janakapuri.  The center portion fell down at Dhanusha Dam.  Near the tree, there is a hole ( bonthu) and in that hole the middle part of the Dhanush is there.  We can also see a theertham called pathala gangai. This is a holy water and they sprinkle that water on us , the belief  is that this water helps in reducing our sin.  

Sita Kalyanam

After the bow broke, Sita comes with the Varmalai(garland), Ram says "My acharyan asked me to see the bow, instead of just seeing I lifted and the bow broke. Regarding the marriage, i need to check with my father Dasarathan. ".  On hearing this, Janakar sent the messengers/soldiers (horsewing) to inform Dasarathan, the troups reach Ayodhya at the speed of wind. 

While the group come back from Ayodhya, let us all get ready for the marriage. :) 

Panguni masam, Uthira natchathiram sita kalyanam with Janakar and Dasarathan. The troups informed Dasarathan about the news, Dasarathan checked with Vasistar. Vashistar was happy and told that it was for this marriage he had suggested to send Ram with Vishwamithrar, let us all start immediately to Mithila.  The entire ayodhya started and reached Mithila which with happiness and great celebration full of dhoom dham celebration. 

On this side Sathanandar - Janakar's kula guru, on the other side Vashistar - Dasarathar's kula guru. They both talk and decide to get Ram and Sita married. During this occasion they read the names of all the ancestors of both the sides and they talk about the greatness of the Kulam.  So both the kula guru's were busy discussing all these. Vishwamithrar was standing there, it 

was he who brought them here and arranged the wedding, but vashistar is representing Ram's side.  Once Vashistar reached, he took over the responsibilties and he got all the importance. 

Vishwamithrar must that thought "Vellai seiya naan, perai avar thatindu porare.."  Both of them are Brahma Rishi and they both are equally great. 

Which side shall we represent ? Ram or Sita. It is always better to be on Sita's side. if we are on Sita's side it means that we are in the shadow of our mother - "thayin nizhal".  Sita matha will forgive all our sins and will guide us towards peruman. 

Here is the place where the wedding happened called as Sheesh Mahal - Mirror Hall.  This place has so many vigrahams.  Dasarathan, Kausalya parents from the groom's side.  Janakan,Sunaina parents from the bride's side.  4 Son's of Dasarathan and hence 4 bride's - Ram-Sita, Lakshman-Urmila, Bharath-Mandavi , Satrugnan - Shruthakeerthi. of the 4 bride's two are Janaka's daughters and two are Janaka's brother Kushathvajan's daughter. 

Now it is time for the Marriage. Janakan says this Slogam during the wedding. Few important segments in the wedding are as follows. Kanyapreshanam, Varapreshanam - Varikka vendum saying "intha manamaganukku yen pennai kalyanam panni kodukiren".

Thirumangalya Dharanam - Thaliyai kattuvathu. We human's follow this ritual wishing for long life, to follow the dharmam assigned to us, to have children for santhathi vrithi, But Sita Ramar's kalyanam is for Loka Shemartham.  In our temples we do the Kalyana utsavam for perumal piratti, they are already married but the concept behind this is for Loka Shemam - when we see the sita kalyanam we get peace of mind/thirupthi, all the places filled with mangalam, followed by many marriages.

The Yatri's who joined us in this anu yatra had many marriages fixed in their family after the Ram anu yatra.  Many had taken blessings by bringing jadagam, thirumangalyam, koora pudavai and taken blessings from SitaRam thiruvadi. Few of them lost their gold chain  in ayodhya and they had tied the charadu kept at sitaRama thiruvadi during the wedding.

Here is SheeshMahal.  Wishing all the viewers of this program all the great blessings and especially who has bride and groom in their family to have the marriaged fixed soon. Wishing  the young bride/groom to get married and live as good Dhampathi's and follow the Dharma's. 

Janakar says "Iyam Sita - Rama here is Sita" , "Mama Suta - My daughter", who is full of beauty and born in my great kulam(clan), She will follow you in all your Dharma's,  If you follow Dharma she will follow you and when you act against Dharma she will get you back on right track hence we call "SahaDharmaCharini",  Her hands are like the lotus - senthamarai kai., 

Note - perumal's hands are compared to lotus/Thamarai, while piratti's Senthamarai.  "When we go to perumal temple Thayar and Perumal's hands are in a position telling us "Anjel - don't fear", Question is what should we not fear about ?, Perumal's message is - Don't worry about your papam, i am with you to help you come out of it., Piratti's message is 
- Perumal must have told you not to worry about your papam since he would help you. But he is full of anger(kovam), so i am telling you don't worry on seeing perumal's anger. ".
Perumal's hand tells us - papathai kandu anjel and piratti's hand tells us - peruman kovathai kandu anjel.  So which one do we need first. We need to seek Piratti first and then she will help us to reach Peruman.

"Nangaiyai kana nambhiku ayiram nayanam vendum...." or is it "Nambiyai kana Nangaiku ayiram nayanam vendum...."

Groom's side some one said - "to see our Ram, Seetha needs 1000 eyes". Bride's side replied - "For every second Ram sees sita he would need 1000 eyes.." 
Whatsoever it is Ram-Seetha wedding is for mangalam and loka Shemam. 
Slogam - "Mangalam kosalendraya ... chakravarthi thanujaya...."

Sita Kalyanam with Bajanai at Janakapuri

Today we are doing Seetha kalyana with Bajanai done by people who travelled from south. Let us watch the same. 

With the bhajanai of the bhakta's the Sita Kalyanam concluded graciously. After the wedding, it is time for a feast/virunthu and we had a great wedding feast at 4 PM. 

After lunch, no one was ready to start. Everyone visited the temples and places once again in the evening to enjoye/experience all the places where sita kalyanam had happened.
Later at 10 PM we all started from Janakapuri with the new bride/groom and started our journey towards Ayodhya. 

ஸர்வம் ஸ்ரீ கிருஷ்ணார்ப்பணம்